Businesses of the green economy

Businesses of the green economy

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Among the companies of the green economy there are those that produce ecological quality goods and environmental services (core green) and those that have adopted green management models (go green). Overall they are 42% of Italian companies and, according to Green Economy Report created by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, they are the ones that have best resisted the crisis, export the most, win on turnover and have the best expectations for the future. They are mainly led by over forties and more than the others are female.

The core green companies of green economy they are 27.5% of the total of Italian companies, the go green ones 14.5%. The greatest concentration of green companies is in industry, where they represent 61.2% of the total with 248 thousand companies (35.4% core green and 25.8% go green). This is followed by construction, a sector in which companies with an environmental vocation reach 51.4% and have increased significantly in the last period.

The boom in green construction companies is the result of the crisis in the real estate market that has put traditional construction in difficulty, especially that dedicated to new buildings, prompting many companies to move towards greener jobs. The same dynamic was recorded in agriculture, a sector that in Italy has 907 thousand companies with 1.4 million employees, where the consumption crisis of recent years has led to significant 'environmental' improvements and raised green companies to 56, 1% of the total.

In the hotel and commerce sector, 1.42 million companies and 5 million employees in Italy in 2014, the green economy characterizes 29.5% of total companies. In the services sector (1.67 million companies and 6.3 million employees) the share of green companies is on average 25.2% including the indistinct universe of 'services': transport and logistics, information and communication, services financial and insurance, real estate, rental, travel agencies etc.

How is the company of green economy? The predominant company form is the Srl or Spa. The green entrepreneur is predominantly male, although the presence of female entrepreneurs in green companies is higher than in traditional companies (24% against 20.9%). Looking at the average age, the green entrepreneur is on average over 40 years old (the most populated group is 40-59 years old) with a non-negligible share of over sixty-five.

The companies of the green economy they win on turnover. Green companies that have seen an increase in turnover in 2014 are 21% against 10.2% of traditional companies. Even when it comes to exports, green is rewarding: according to data from the Foundation for Sustainable Development, the core green companies that trade abroad by exporting products are 19.8% and the go green ones even 26.5%, compared to an average of 12% among other companies.

In the green economy companies is employment growing? Here the discussion becomes quite complex: in 2014 investments in renewable energy dropped by 71% following the retroactive cut in incentives and this had serious repercussions from the employment point of view. On the other hand, today we are witnessing a consistent growth in investments in energy efficiency and in this specific market the jobs increase significantly.

In particular, the tax bonus linked to the energy upgrading of buildings had a positive effect, where the 1.88 million applications (corresponding to an amount of 22 billion euros in terms of interventions) produced an increase of 48 thousand direct employees in 2014. , which become 60 thousand if the related industries are also taken into consideration.

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