Movies with cats: the 5 unmissable

Movies with cats: the 5 unmissable

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Movies with cats: there are 5 unmissable ones that you have certainly heard. Maybe you haven't seen them, or not yet with your big cat, watching over the vision. So here are the plots of 5 top films with cats for a warm winter evening walking. With the background of purr and "ron ron" of a real cat, not on TV.

"F.B.I .: Operation cat" is an American film with cats, the original title is “That Darn Cat!” and was shot in 1965 by Robert Stevenson, also director of Mary Poppins, if we want to get an idea of ​​what awaits us.

Being produced by the Disney, let's expect a movies with cats comedy style but this time also a little thriller.
Laughter and a bit of healthy tension in a film with cats are perfect, a bit like the ambushes that these domestic felines invent from time to time, giving us memorable skits, between the funny and the aggressive.

In "F.B.I. Operation cat" we are in Edgefield, an American provincial town, and there is the kidnapping of the housekeeper of the house Flint. The hosts despair as the disappearance enlivens the bored teenager Patti who begins to take an interest in the Flint case. Here comes the time when this becomes a movies with cats.

The 16-year-old finds a clue about the kidnapping right around the neck of her cat D.C. and begins to get passionate about history, even managing to convince the FBI office. On the other hand, the detective who should extricate himself from the clues is clumsy and bungling and can only rely on Patti's intuition following the cat, also convinced of being able to reach the place of the kidnappers. We can follow the film, full of twists, to see if, despite everything, the case will be solved.

Stellar is the movies with cats always Disney which in 1977 was directed by Norman Tokar: "The cat from outer space" originally “The Cat from Outer Space”. With or without cat next to you, see this movies with cats it is an unforgettable experience: you get on board a spacecraft that is forced to land on Earth due to a failure.

It happens that there is also a cat on board, obviously spatial, and with an equally spatial name: Zunar 5J / 90 Doric 47. It makes you smile and think, the director's idea of ​​showing us the reactions and events also from his feline perspective.

That's the beauty of it movies with cats, because cats have their say here, perhaps they make us understand a little bit how they see us. Even if the special effects and the sets are those of the era in which the film was shot, the rest is worth the vision, and it is tremendously modern, current, terrifying and ... smart. As the space cat protagonist.

We are still in the bygone era, 1964, but we move in Scotland for the next must-see cat movie tip. "The three lives of the cat Tomasina" (The Three Lives of Thomasina), directed by Don Chaffey, tells of a home feline in a 1912 where veterinarian Andrew McDhui lives with his seven-year-old daughter Mary and the cat in question.

Gatta, sorry: you are Tomasina, who is the official narrator of the whole affair. She is a big big cat red tabby color and highlights how the protagonist is anaffective. So it became only after the death of his wife. When Tomasina has an accident, the little girl Mary obviously turns to her father and her coldness jumps out.

From adventure to adventure, the cat recounts the metamorphosis of family and, from life to life, for three lifetimes, here she finally finds a welcoming home. Where you can also watch a movies with cats in company. Who knows.

Few words and many landscapes, accompanied by emotions that need neither comments nor meows. This movies with cats is "The Incredible Adventure", shot by Fletcher Markle in 1963. Among the protagonists, to be honest, there are two dogs, but then it's the cat to be the master and make the film a cat movie.

The three animals are moved to travel by a strong nostalgia for their masters from whom they have been cruelly separated. So here we are, from the screen, following them for almost 400 kilometers across Canada. Wonderful images and a strong sense of adventure, good feline feelings and canines, fun for the whole family, including cats if you have any. For them this movies with cats it's a bit of an "Indiana Jones".

By totally changing genre, era and setting, let's go straight to the last one cat movies, in Paris, a stone's throw from the Bastille. "Everyone is looking for his cat" (Chacun cherche son chat) is a film by Cédric Klapisch from 1996. The protagonist is the young make-up artist Chloe who… look for her cat.

In truth, he looks for where to put his pet to go on vacation and after many attempts, he finds an elderly woman who accepts, a few meters from her home. Back from vacation, however, here she is seriously forced to look for her cat for about three days disappeared into thin air.

A search is unleashed that involves half the neighborhood, old women and cat first of all, if not a retarded boy. Find the cat in this cat movies, it's not easy, but certainly Chloe finds herself and discovers a new neighborhood populated by people looking for. cat and so on.

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