Most frequent lawn diseases

Most frequent lawn diseases

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The lawn diseases more frequent are linked to the presence of pathogenic fungi and to the felt. The period most at risk is autumn, when the humid climate and the presence of leaves on the lawn make mushrooms and moss proliferate. Good lawn care in the fall is therefore essential to prevent disease.

Diseases of the lawn: pathogenic fungi

Foot ache, rusts, sclerotinia, witch circles ... the lawn diseases of fungal origin, they take different names, sometimes curious. But whatever you call them, all pathogenic fungi are plant parasites that live by feeding at the expense of grass, releasing toxins and enzymes that hinder the metabolic process of plants.

Fungi frequently parasitize the grass in the form of spores that penetrate the threads through a lesion. The humid climate, we said, favors the pathogenic action of fungi that favor shady areas. Prevention is made of care: aeration and scarification of the lawn, regular fertilization, correct drainage.

The foot ache or fusariosis it's a lawn disease which is manifested by dark spots that extend and can join together; sometimes a pinkish-white mold appears on the surface. Different parasites can cause foot pain, including the Microdochium nivale. The lawns most affected are those that are not very vigorous and have been given nitrogen-rich fertilizer too late in the season. It is fought with a specific fungicide and with regular aeration.

There rust and the sclerotinia are other typical lawn diseases. The first, which can come in different forms, attacks the grass causing a brown or red-yellowish color. Sclerotinia, typical of the hot and humid season, is even more virulent and after the formation of yellowish-brown patches on the lawn causes a rapid die-off of the grass.

THE circles of witches they are a curious form of mushrooms: on the lawn appear dark green circular areas on which inedible mushrooms with round caps on thin stems sprout. More than organic damage it is an aesthetic damage to the lawn and the remedy is not easy because common fungicides are not very effective. It is certainly useful to manually remove the mushrooms as soon as they appear.

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Diseases of the lawn: felt

Lawn felt is a kind of spongy fabric made of organic remains, especially moss and clippings, which forms around the blades of grass. It becomes a problem when it comes to seriously limit the perspiration of the lawn and the passage of water, which usually occurs in autumn. The autumn season is also the right time to remove the felt, so as to prevent the lawn from retaining water and freezing. To remove the felt, a tool called a scarifier is used, which can be manual or motorized.

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