Green mobility at Expo

Green mobility at Expo

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Green mobility at Expo was one of the many successful elements of the event: it was in fact demonstrated how electric vehicles can meet the completely different needs of the subjects present in the Expo in various capacities, from Expo operators to law enforcement agencies: Carabinieri, State Police, Guardia di Finanza and Fire Brigade who used to carry out their duties exclusively electric vehicles.

Between benefits of green mobility the total absence of emissions and silence is ensured by the electric vehicles used at Expo, plus excellent reliability demonstrated by the final data on the very rare technical problems encountered after thousands of kilometers traveled.

Electric vehicles have also been successful with the authorities and VIP guests of Expo, so much so that they often wanted to drive them personally, as happened for Malia, the daughter of United States President Barack Obama who you see portrayed driving one of the electric vehicles of Expo in the opening photo of this article.

Appreciation also from our Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

The reference partner for the Work & Transportation services of the Expo area for the entire duration of the event was the Italian company Exelentia (official website: which provided the organizers with their organizational and logistical skills, as well as a set of over 70 vehicles divided into three basic models.

Exelentia is currently the largest Italian operator in the sector of green mobility positioning itself as a leader in the import, distribution and provision of services related to electric or electromechanical traction vehicles.

Exelentia's activities comprise 3 major areas:

  1. Import, configuration and customization of eco-sustainable vehicles of different types (from pedal assisted bicycles, to electric vehicles for waste collection)
  2. Distribution of vehicles both at "business" level (companies and private events or public administration) and consumers
  3. Design of new products and services customized on the basis of customer needs (from fairs to hospitals, from tourist villages to municipalities)

The corporate mission of Exelentia is therefore to enable and promote a model of mobility be it at the same time functional, efficient and sustainable, promoting the culture of the environment he was born in respect for nature.

Among the most important partners of Exelentia is Melex, a company that can boast forty years of experience in the field of electric traction for motor vehicles. In fact, its range of electric vehicles covers the most varied needs: from small vehicles used on sports fields, to agile vans for city micrologistics or passenger transport, up to the very original 8-seater tourist minibuses.

The president of Expo, Giuseppe Sala, driving a Melex electric vehicle alongside our president Sergio Mattarella.

Each vehicle, in order to fully satisfy all the requirements of the types of use described above, is therefore completely customized, obviously starting from the body and mechanical elements up to the fittings and liveries.

Green mobility: some types of Melex electric vehicles

The next event that will once again test the expertise of Exelentia and Melex will be the Jubilee 2016 where once again vehicles and green mobility will be the protagonists.

For more information on Exelentia and Melex activities and vehicles you can visit the official website of Exelentia or call 02 - 87 33 41 35.

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