Styes, natural remedies

Styes, natural remedies

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Sty, natural remedies and useful information. All information on the causes and treatments to cure sty. On this page you will find all the remedies against sty.

The causes of the Orzaiolo

L'styit is an acute inflammation of the sebaceous glands located at the base of the eyelashes. It can form both inside the eyelid (with the infusion of the meibomian gland) or outside the eyelid (when the Zeis gland becomes inflamed).

Thecausesare linked to a staphylococcal bacterial infection, which is why thestyit is more common in adolescents although it can affect people of all ages. Several factors make us predisposed to this infection such as: sleep deprivation, lack of hygiene, ocular dehydration, poor diet with nutritional deficiencies, poor hygiene ... Excessive rubbing of the eyes can also increase the risk of contractingsty.

If not treated, thestyit can last from one to two weeks or give rise to several complications. With adequate treatment, thestyit can go away in as little as 3 to 4 days.

Sty, prevention

Before seeing what thenatural remedies for sty, we dedicate a few lines to prevention.

First of all, who has thesty should be careful not to share face towels with other users. In fact, it would be a good idea to have a personal towel. For women, another preventative practice is not to share mascara, eye shadow and other make-up. It is also recommended to remove make-up before going to bed using a delicate make-up remover such as micellar water. It is good to avoid the use of make-up waterproof.

Preventive practices are closely related to good hygiene: hand cleaning can significantly reduce the risks of developingsty and other types of eye infections.

Styes, natural remedies

Traditional medicine, however treating the sty proposes several pharmacological remedies such as erythromycin-based ophthalmic ointment or moxifloxacin-based eye drops; some doctors recommend courses of antibiotics such as chloramphenicol or amoxicillin, however there are a number ofnatural remediesthat can help you relieve symptoms and heal fromsty.

THE natural remedies The following do not want to replace the doctor's opinion in any way: a consultation with your doctor is always recommended.

Compresses with warm water

To preventstyand to mitigate the symptoms, there is a simple and rather effective practice, which consists of placing a towel soaked in hot water over the eyes. This technique facilitates the liquefaction of the contents of the sebaceous glands of the eyelids thus preventing obstruction of the duct and inflammation.

Compresses with chamomile

Hot packs can be made using infusions. This is the case with the chamomile infusion. Prepare a warm chamomile tea (be careful! Hot does not mean hot!), take a cotton ball and soak it in the infusion. Apply the swab on thestyholding it until it has cooled down. Repeat the operation every 3 - 4 hours throughout the day until the symptoms ofsty.

Wraps with calendula flowers

Calendula officinalis is a very popular natural remedy. In homeopathy it is used to reduce inflammation and for this reason, its infusion is indicated for the preparation of compresses againststy. Also in this case, use the infusion when still hot, soak a sterile gauze and cover the eye.

On the web, some newspapers recommend applying the leaves ofmintor even a bottle of oil; these remedies are not only of dubious efficacy but risk further compromising eye health.

Before preparing any infusion or compress, boil the water so as to make it sterile. Use only sterile towels, gauze or cotton balls in order not to worsen the inflammation already underway.

Sty and nutrition

During the course of the inflammation, avoid red meats, sausages, tomatoes, aubergines, milk and sugar (sugary drinks, sweets ...). Prefer foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, the consumption of fruit, especially citrus fruits, is strongly recommended.

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