Foods against bad breath

Foods against bad breath

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Foods against bad breath: there are correlations betweenhalitosisissupplyand there are some foods that can counteract the onset of bad breath.

L'halitosis, commonly calledbad breath, is a very common problem that manifests itself with unpleasant odors present in the exhaled breath. L'halitosisit is very common as a result of tooth decay and gum disease, in these cases it is necessary to seek dental care. About 20% of the population report having problems withbad breath but it is only a small percentage of these who actually suffer from halitosis.

Bad breath, the causes

As stated, betweencausesofhalitosisgum problems and tooth decay appear. The causes, for those suffering from a mildhalitosis,they are to be found in a "genuine" bacterial activity localized under the gumline and on the back of the tongue. Many other times thecauses of bad breathmust be sought in related disorders such as those of the nasal cavity, sinuses, throat, esophagus, stomach or lungs. Some forms of tonsillitis can also be there cause of bad breath.

More rarely, thebad breath it is a symptom of a rather serious underlying medical condition such as liver failure. In many cases, thebad breathcan be counteracted by improving one's oral hygiene: it is necessary to learn how to properly brush the oral cavity, not only the teeth but also the tongue (the back and the lower part), without neglecting cleaning the gums using dental floss.

On average, over 600 different types of bacteria live in our oral cavity and some of these (mostly anaerobic and gram negative bacteria) generate bad odors causing proteolytic rot of sulfur-containing amino acids. Proteins rich in cysteine ​​and methionine can give rise to hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, thus generating bad odors. To learn more, I point out the article dedicated toremedies for bad breath.

Foods against bad breath

Regardless of what the causes are, bad breath is a taboo and bad breath can cause severe social anxiety. The intensity ofbad breathit may vary throughout the day in relation to nutrition. The foods that can cause bad breath are: garlic, onions, meat, fish, cheese ... smoking and alcohol consumption can aggravate the situation. Just as there are foods that can worsen the oral situation, they existfoods against bad breaththat can help us mitigate this problem.

Natural remedies and foods for bad breath

  • Cloves
    Cloves exert a disinfectant action on the oral cavity. The active ingredient ally against bad breath is eugenol. Cloves, to reduce active breath, should be chewed or used for the preparation of infusions and mouthwashes. The infusion is prepared by soaking two tablespoons of cloves in hot water.
  • Citrus fruits
    Citrus fruits are among the best foods to combat bad breath. They are rich in active ingredients capable of exerting an antibacterial action in the mouth.
  • Mint
    How many times have you heard of menthol-based toothpastes and chewingum? This is the active ingredient naturally contained in peppermint. You can add two drops of peppermint essential oil to your toothpaste or add it dried or fresh to your meals.
  • Fennel
    A herbal tea based on fennel and aniseed can be useful in case ofbad breath.
  • Cranberry
    Cranberries can help us fight bad breath, especially when it originates in the mouth. Add a handful of cranberries to your meals. In addition, by consuming cranberry juice regularly, you can prevent some problems such as tooth decay and plaque. Obviously you will have to be careful to choose natural cranberry juice, with no added sugar.
  • Celery
    Very useful for cleaning the mouth. By chewing celery you can eliminate the small food particles deposited between the teeth and on the tongue.
  • Sage
    Sage is a popular natural remedy, best known for its antiseptic properties. At the level of the oral cavity, it would be able to block bacterial proliferation.

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