Black cats: character and breeds

Black cats: character and breeds

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Black cats: poor victims of superstition, luckily there are those who like Groucho Marx he resizes everything and says: "a black cat that crosses your path means it is going somewhere". Feet on the ground, therefore, and paws on the ground, those of the gods black cats understood, and we see between legend and reality, the character and races of the world of black cats.

First of all, let's clarify immediately, that it is about monochrome cats, the coloring of each of their individual hairs must be uniform from the beginning to the end of the hair: to speak of black cats stripes, shades, colors other than black are not allowed, even against the light.

Black cats: superstition

Six black cats they cross the road: what a bad luck! A beautiful lie but which, between the serious and the facetious, still remains glued to these kittens. To explain it, without signing it, you have to go back to the Middle Ages, to the dark Middle Ages, when at night we went around with wagons in poorly lit streets. I do not envy those who in the black of the night, I know saw one of those black cats run across its trajectory and then disappear. In the night, two eyes, the frightened horse: how can we not come to hasty conclusions?

It certainly didn't help much black cats Pope Gregory IX who claimed in his time, from 1227 to 1241, that just i black cats they were the favorite animals of witches. Is there a scientific basis for all this? Scientific no, although it can be partially noted that the character of the black cats it is quite assertive, especially that of females. But nothing scientific or statistical. A bit like the gossip and stereotypes about "blondes".

Black cats: character

Putting superstitions aside, burying them in the Middle Ages or thereabouts, today we can speak of black cats as good-natured animals. The ability to make friends, loyalty and stubbornness distinguish them. They have a usually placid and cordial temperament, i black cats, and if they can live outdoors, they often tend to wander.

There are also genetic studies which state that i black cats are more resistant to certain diseases. This is a research conducted at theUS National Cancer Institute and it is a theory supported by the fact that i black cats, along with white cats, are the most common in feral cat colonies. Too bad they are often not willingly adopted.

Black cats: purebred or not

THE black cats Shorthaired Europeans are very common, no stingrays and piercing green eyes. Then there are some breeds that include black specimens, very black blacks, but they, i black cats with pedigree, they usually have bright orange or copper colored eyes. If we are among purebred animals, we find black cats among cats Bombay, for example, whose specimens are totally black with yellow eyes. Also British is Persians they have their black version.

Black cats: the black Bombay cat

THE black cats Bombays are just blacker than the night and their coat has an admirable, unique sheen. The head is rounded, with a black nose and round eyes of a color that can range from gold to bright copper. The ears of the Bombay are round and not large, in proportion to a medium and muscular body, with a medium length tail.

The name of this breed of black cats derives from the Indian city and recalls the panther that lives there, but the breed was actually obtained in the USA in the 1950s by crossing a Burmese with a Black American short-haired, even today outside the United States it is a rare cat, but it is liked and will be successful. THE black cats belonging to Bombay have a splendid cuddly character, purr "non stop" and adore company. Precisely for this reason, if we always keep them in their house, they sign us, black and white.

Black cats: the black British cat

The British one has a primacy among the black cats: it was one of the first breeds exhibited at the Crystal Palace in London, towards the end of the 19th century. This big cat was born from a careful and long selection of the best examples of stray cat, from this painstaking practice a type of black cats good-natured and very intelligent.

The British black he is also good company as well as good looking. Its round and broad head, with a straight black nose, shows two round eyes, also orange, gold or copper. The coat is obviously black, and short, for the British, showing a strong body, robust and very muscular, with a large tail and basically thick legs.

Chromatic peculiarity of the British, among the black cats, is the possibility that the coat takes on a brown tinge. This happens if the animal is too much in the sun, a bit like a fabric. A completely different story is that of British small black cats: in their case, if rust shades appear, then they disappear within six months.

Black cats: the black Persian

Between black cats purebred, among the rarest, even if the name sounds, there is this Persian, a breed with an illustrious history. We have to go to the 16th century to find it in its elegant debut. Even though it is black cats very beautiful and lovable, the difficulty of obtaining a purely pitch-colored coat makes this breed remain very precious and uncommon, moreover it must also be well looked after because, under the sun, the hair can reddish shades and fade.

Compared to whites, i black cats Persians are more loyal and affectionate, albeit suspicious of strangers and much livelier than other colored cousins. Beyond the tint, the Persians have a round and broad head, the flattened nose, dark orange or bright copper eyes and small ears.

The body is solid but a little stocky with a short and fluffy tail, wide and round feet and short, thick legs covered with thick hair. THE black Persian cats they may show whitish or faded spots which generally disappear after 4-6 months.

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