Bad smells in the kitchen, all the tips

Bad smells in the kitchen, all the tips

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How to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen: a simple guide that will explain how to manage bad smells in every kitchen accessory, from the sink drain, to the hob and fridge.

Food aromas can be great allies during cooking, they release that good smell of food…. however, these same aromas quickly become uninviting if they persist in the kitchen still for several hours.

Many housewives start a real battle against bad smells in the kitchen, the "stench"of food can affect cupboards, refrigerators, ovens, hobs, kitchen cabinets, clothes and, a great classic, the sink, where the stench rises from the drain following the decomposition of organic residues (food residues) by bacteria.

Bad smell of frying

Thereit smells like friedit can be dramatic: this bad smell invades and persists on hair, upholstery of the sofa, curtains… it is really difficult to get rid of.

When frying, always remember to operate the hood and to ventilate the premises. For all information, I refer you to the pageit smells like frying in the house.

Stinks of fried on clothes, remedies

Not just hair. Clothes are also likely to get quite smelly after frying. To eliminate the smell of fried food on clothes, the only really valid solution is to ensure good ventilation. In fact, the ideal would be to hang clothes on hangers and leave them outside on the balcony. Alternatively, a fan can also be used to disperse the smell of fried food and ensure proper ventilation. If you have some time, you can prepare a homemade mixture by boiling a liter of water in a saucepan with ¼ of apple cider vinegar. The smell that will spread in the air will also help to perfume our clothes and eliminate the smell of fried food.

How to get rid of the stench of fried on curtains without washing them

Even the curtains can find a pleasant scent without necessarily going through the washing machine. To eliminate the smell of fried on the curtains without washing them, you can boil different spices in a saucepan of water, according to our personal liking: cardamom berries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peels will be fine to obtain results quite satisfactory. Another rather effective grandmother's method is to put a pot of water with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and the zest of a lemon on the stove and bring to a boil. A pleasant fragrance will be released into the air, capable of eliminating the smell of fried food.

Bad smells in the kitchen, the sink

When bad smells in the kitchen come from the sink, you have to be careful. Not only is the stench annoying but it is also a symptom of a possible impending clog. For this reason I would like to point out two useful articles:

  • eliminate bad smells from the sink
  • how to unclog the sink

Bad smells in the kitchen, the oven

In the article dedicated toalternative uses of lemonwe have explained to you how to eliminate the stench from the oven using the normal properties of lemon. With lemon it is possible to clean the oven in a natural way and eliminate bad smells. Just pour two equal parts of water and lemon into a pan. Bake for about 15 minutes at maximum temperature, then turn off.

  • Recommended reading: Clean the oven

Natural remedies for bad odors

Vinegar is a panacea for household cleaning. In addition to mild cleaning and disinfection, it has propertiesdeodorizers. Fill a shallow bowl with white vinegar (or apple cider) and place it in the affected cabinetbad smellsmay be the optimal solution: the stench could disappear within a few hours.

If the smell of vinegar is not your thing, you can use apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of essential oil oftea tree or peppermint essential oil, these essences have antibacterial properties.

Bad smells, mold and humidity

If in the pantry or in some furniture you perceive a bad smell of mold and humidity, a preliminary cleaning with hydrogen peroxide will be necessary. To prevent the appearance of the smell of mold, it is possible to use compounds based on silicon.

The silicon sachets that are commonly found in shoe boxes at the time of purchase can be very useful for eliminating bad smells of all kinds. The silica microspheres will absorb odors along with moisture.

100 sachets of 1 gram of silica gel are offered on Amazon at a price of about 12 euros and can be reused over and over again because the wrapping of these sachets is heat resistant: if placed for a few minutes in the oven, the power absorbent gel regenerates itself.

For eliminate bad smells in the kitchen avoid the use of artificial detergents or aerosol deodorants for environments that are sources of indoor pollution. For bad smells in the refrigerator or for the smell of frying, I refer you to the article:how to eliminate bad smells.

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