Boxwood cecidomy, care and treatment

Boxwood cecidomy, care and treatment

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Boxwood cecidomy: the cure, the most effective treatment and advice on how to cure boxwood diseases. Thereboxwood caecidomyis a diptero whose larvae feed on the plant tissues ofboxwood. Remedies to eliminate caecidomy are also effective in the treatment ofbox borer because in both cases it is damage caused by defoliating insects.

The boxwood, commonly called mortella orcartridge case, botanically known asbuxus sempervirens, is a plant of theBuxaceae, spontaneous in Italy and appreciated by gardeners for its strong versatility.

It prefers crops in arid, rocky and mainly calcareous areas and resists well even at high altitudes. Theboxwoodit is cultivated as an ornamental plant for the constitution of hedges and borders. Among the most common varieties in Italian gardens we point out theBoxus sempervirens suffruticolaorboxwoodpumilia which is characterized by its dwarf habit, perfect for small hedges or to create borders of flower beds and parks. The variety boxwood arborescensit is grown in the shape of a sapling, perfect for growing boxwood in pots and for decorating apartments. There is no shortage of varieties with variegated yellow leaves such as boxwood.

Diseases of the Boxwood

Forcare for boxwoodeffectively need to keep in mind all those adversities that undermine the prosperity of the plant. The most common diseases are scale insects, boxwood rust and root rot caused by the fungal attack of Rosellinia buxi. Among the most fearful diseases of the box is thececidomyalso known asboxwood caecidomy.

The larvae ofcecidomythey are very small and yellowish (green-yellow) and are called borer. The form ofcecidomy which attacks the boxwood is the larva of the dipteranMonarthropalpus buxi.

How to recognize boxwood caecidomy?

Small blisters appear on the leaves which, at first, appear with a smooth and yellowish surface, then wrinkled as they cause the leaf epidermis to lift.

Thereboxwood caecidomysmall digsminecircular in shape feeding on the tissues of the mesophile of theboxwood. The most effective cure to eradicate the boxwood caecidomy it consists in biological struggle.

The boxwood caecidomy, here's how to eliminate it

N.B. the same treatments are effective against box borer.

The most effective way to eliminate and fight the boxwood caecidomy consists of biological control through the use ofBacillus Thuringiensis.There are three forms of this spore-forming bacterium on the market, Kurstaki, Aizawai and Tenebrionis, the most effective for eliminating boxwood caecidomy is Kurstaki. There are also seven different strains of the latter, but it seems that the strain is not decisive so you can choose any product based on Bacillus Thuringiensis Kurstaki.

It is not very easy to find this product on the market, a bioinsecticide based on Bacillus Thuringiensis can be purchased at highly specialized garden centers or by mail order with online sales. Among the various products we recommend the latest generation ones synthesized in the laboratory and which perhaps use different strains of the Kurstaki bacterium, the effective one for the treatment of boxwood. For those who prefer to buy on the web we recommend two ad hoc products:

  • Agrobacterias - Snake Killer of 50 grams
    Total price: 14 euros
    Snake killer" stands forexterminator of larvaein fact the bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis eliminates the problem at the root by directly killing the larvae. A 50 gram pack costs 8 euros, the only drawback is the 6 euros required for shipping costs, but to protect your hedges, it will be worth it.
  • Zapi Larvae And Caterpillars Of Plants 50 ml bottle
    Total price: 13.90 euros
    The Zapi Bioinsecticide, as well as Agrobacterias, are allowed in organic farming. For the use of these products, we recommend that you follow the dosages prescribed on the purchase package. A 50 ml bottle of Zapi is offered at 12.75 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The treatment against boxwood caecidomy is effective through the biological struggle, however, for mild infestations, it is recommended to collect and destroy the infested shoots before the flicker of adult caecidomia insects so as to prevent a second life cycle with a new oviposition to the detriment of box hedges.

More information on theboxwoodpruningand making ahedge
To make a box hedge, the advice seen in the article dedicated to garden hedges applies. For boxwood pruning, we refer you to the indications and the period indicated in the articleHow to prune hedges.

Properties of the Boxwood

Not everyone knows that the leaves ofboxwood, harvested in any season, if dried in the shade, they can be used to prepare antirheumatic home remedies, purgatives, to lower the body temperature ... Even the bark can give rise to sweat and fever remedies. In any case, do-it-yourself use is not recommended because it is still a potentially poisonous plant. If you intend to try your hand at preparing boxwood-based infusions, consult an expert herbalist first.

In the photo above, the garden of the Castle of Alden Biesen, France. The garden is appreciated for its box hedges. The boxwood it is extremely versatile and is perfect for topiary art.

In the second photo, the boxwood leaves affected byborer, the larvae ofboxwood caecidomy. The photo was taken from the section of the Department of Agri-environmental Sciences and Technologies, Area of ​​Entomology “G. Grandi ", of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna. Curated by Pietro Baronio.

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