Ricotta and pear tart, how to make it

Ricotta and pear tart, how to make it

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Make the ricotta and pear tart it does not require special culinary skills or hi-tech equipment. All you need is some time available and a good dose of patience for the shortcrust pastry.

It takes about 2 hours to prepare and bake the cake if you already have the shortcrust pastry, otherwise you will have to add another 2 hours! If your problem is the lack of availability you can also divide the preparation of the ricotta and pear tart in several steps: in this way you can organize yourself in advance without having to give up the goodness of this exquisite homemade dessert.

You can, for example, make the dough the day before and then put it in the refrigerator tightly closed in cling film.

You can perhaps prepare the pears in syrup several hours in advance. Or, in the latest analysis, you can prepare the tart with raw pears.

In any of these cases, we advise you toprepare the shortcrust pastryin advance so as to leave it for a few hours in a cool place, in the highest (and coldest) part of the refrigerator. Thereshortcrust pastryit is easy to prepare but difficult to handle when it is not cold enough. For this reason, the idea of ​​preparing shortcrust pastry the day before to leave it in the fridge overnight may be the ideal solution.

On the one hand, it will save you time by dividing the process in two and, on the other, it will give you a dough that is easier to shape. To make everything easier, the shortcrust pastry can also be prepared with a food processor or planetary mixer.

Homemade ricotta and pear tart

Here are the ingredients for a 28 cm cake, such a cake is enough for 6 people!

  • 300 grams flour (both the double zero and the 0 are fine)
  • 100 grams of fine brown sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 2 whole fresh eggs
  • 150 grams butter
  • 2 large pears (or three more modest pears)
  • 600 grams of water
  • 240 grams granulated sugar
  • 350 grams of cow's milk ricotta
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 120 grams of liquid cream

How to make the ricotta and pear tart

Prepare the shortcrust pastry therefore mix the flour, 3 egg yolks, brown sugar and butter. Do you have doubts about how to make shortcrust pastry? For complete instructions, read the article "Homemade shortcrust pastry". In the article, the quantities of ingredients are different but the procedure does not change, obviously follow the quantities of the ingredients that we have given you previously. Here's how to proceed:

1) Shortcrust pastry
Once the dough is made, wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

2) Pears in syrup
In the meantime, prepare the pears in syrup therefore peel and core them then cut them in half lengthwise. Pour the water into a saucepan, add 160 grams of sugar and let it melt.

When the water boils, add the pears, making sure they are completely covered by the syrup. At this point, lower the heat and cook for 5 minutes.

Turn off the heat, let the pears cool in the syrup then drain and cut each half into three parts.

3) The ricotta
Pour the ricotta into a bowl, add the 2 whole eggs, the yolk and the remaining 80 grams of sugar.

Work the mixture with a whisk so as to make it homogeneous and without lumps. Add the cream, cinnamon and mix everything well.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees

4) Line the tart tin
On the floured work surface, roll out the shortcrust pastry into a thin disc and line a greased and floured 28 cm round mold.

If you don't want to have any nasty surprises, you can use a silicone mold. They are found everywhere, from the supermarket to Amazon. On Amazon a 28 cm tart mold can be bought with 18 euros and free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to the Amazon page:28 cm tart mold.

Silicone has the advantage of being easier to clean and above all it will not make your shortcrust pastry break, even if it burns a little, the cooked dough will separate perfectly from the mold!

Note: on Amazon there are also much cheaper silicone tart molds, we reported this because it was the only one we tried firsthand.

5) Stuff the ricotta and pear tart
Place the slices of pear radially on the base of the tart and cover everything with the freshly prepared ricotta cream.

6) Cooking
Bake for 40 minutes, remove from the oven, let it cool and serve your ricotta and pear tart when it is completely cold.

Ricotta, pear and chocolate tart

A more charged variant is prepared with chocolate.
For the sweet tooth, if you don't want to give up chocolate, you can prepare this same cake in a bi-color version or add some chocolate chips to the ricotta filling.