Adopt Bats to fight mosquitoes

Adopt Bats to fight mosquitoes

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The biological fight against mosquitoes is a well-known reality in many gardens and parks in Italy and thebatis one of the undisputed protagonists of this battle!

In Italy, mosquitoes are poorly tolerated. In addition, with climate change, many fear the arrival of new species that could bring new diseases to ourcountry. Before arming ourselves with spray insecticides (which can cause health and environmental problems), we can take a look at the possibilities offered bynaturethat hosts us.

THE bats are perfect for fighting mosquitoes naturally - one bat can devour a thousand mosquitoes adults in a short time!

Unfortunately, many of you shiver at the idea of bats: Movies associate them with blood-sucking figures like vampires and others fall into the cliché that bats can anchor themselves to their hair. Let's clarify it once and for all: ibatsthey won't get caught in your hair! In no case ... this occurrence is very rare, of course, a bat may stick in your hair but only if you are in a cave containing a dense colony of bats and only if you disturb them with a strong light source or make a crazy noise, and even in this remote circumstance, the chances that abatends right in your hair are not very high!

Again, contrary to popular belief, ibatsthey do not carry disease and, when compared to other mammals (yes, bats are mammals!) they do not exhibit higher rates of rabies.

Start pairing thebatsto heroic characters likeBatman, after all, everyone would like to beBruce Wayne (or at least own his money) ... or, if you're on the Marvel team and don't like the charactersDC Comic, just think that i bats could save you from the nightmare of mosquitoes. THE bats they are your friends!

If I have convinced you and you want to adopt a colony ofbats to fight mosquitoes, follow my suggestions. :)

THE bats: characteristics

THE bats, just like all other animals, they need water to survive. A small garden pond can be useful for this, then a shelter will do the rest. For the garden pond, install a motor to recycle the water, otherwise mosquitoes they could lay their eggs.

Grow plants in the garden capable of attracting bats: honeysuckle (also called lonicera, is an evergreen plant), oenothera (plants with annual, biennial or triennial cultivation), phlox (also called phlox, are annual or perennial herbaceous plants) and the night jasmine. THE bats they can be excellent allies in your garden: like butterflies, they are excellent pollinators!

THE batsthey also appreciate well-defined lines and lines, such as hedges or tree columns. These linear paths promote the safety of flight paths for bats who will feel safe from birds of prey in your garden. In general, bushy trees are able to make bats feel more protected because these winged creatures prefer to hunt near shelter rather than in the open, where they are at the mercy of other winged predators.

Finally, install shelters for bats, the so-calledbat box, real nests within easy reach of DIY (you can build them with DIY) or click (with online purchase). To get an idea of ​​what I'm talking about, I refer you to the official Amazon page dedicated to Bat Shelters.

Where to install a bat shelter?
You can hang the bat box on the outside wall of the house, possibly near a tree-lined area. Or you can fix the bat box directly on a tree. Avoid fixing the shelter right above a passage area, even i bats defecate! It would be useless to install a bat box on metal plates or in areas with artificial light.

Bats against mosquitoes, 100 Bat Box for Milan

The Italian industrial capital seems to support this biological fight, so much so that 100 new bat-boxes were installed in the Milanese parks just this year. Biological fight against mosquitoes with the help of bats, in Milan, had already begun a year ago, when the Municipality decided to install 400 stations. Refuges for i bats in Milan have been installed in the following parks:

  • Parco delle Cave, 66 bat boxes
  • Cascina Bianca park, 53 bat boxes
  • Andrea Campagna park (ex Teramo Barona), 27 bat boxes
  • Bern park, with 22 shelters
  • Montanelli park, with 23 bat boxes
  • park of Villa Reale, 11 bat boxes
  • Giussani park with 16 bat shelters
  • Victims of the Gulag park, also here 16 shelters
  • Lambro park, 23 bat boxes
  • Parco Forlanini, 25 bat boxes
  • Trenno park, 35 bat boxes
  • Caldera park, 27 bat boxes
  • Sempione park, 47 bat shelters

Milan it is not the only city in Italy to have embraced the biological fight against mosquitoes, the Versilia-Massaciuccoli Consortium which serves the provinces of Lucca, Pisa and Massa Carrara, has released about 10,000 specimens of tench in the consortium canals. The tench is a fish capable of devouring approximately 1,500 mosquito larvae per day.

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