Brindle boxer: character, care, breeding and price

Brindle boxer: character, care, breeding and price

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Brindle boxer: it is one of the two versions of the boxer, the other is the fawn, they are both appreciated both as companion and defense dogs. The brindle boxer he is part of the Molosser group and owes his name to the fact that when he plays he seems to move his paws like a professional boxer.

Already the word "play" in the name must make us understand what breed of dog we are dealing with. I have tried it on my skin. And on various dresses and pants: I assure you the urge to play and contact the brindle boxer it is overflowing. I would add hopping, irrepressible, scurrying. But before we talk about, or try to put into words, his explosive and contagious will to live, almost disarming, let's see what breed of dog is this brindle boxer.

Brindle or fawn, many things coincide, but the variety of brindle boxer has dark or black stripes in the direction of the ribs. The background is the fawn coat, the streaks that make a boxer a brindle boxer they must clearly detach from the base color. White spots may appear, they are not a priori to be excluded from the standard of brindle boxer, rather! It depends on their size, they must not exceed one third of the body on the surface. The fawn boxer, let us mention it for completeness, it is in a single color, but unique in various shades, from light fawn to dark deer red, with intermediate tones from the show.

Brindle boxer: price and breeding

The price of a puppy of brindle boxer starts from 400-500 euros and reaches 700-900. I have rarely seen it reach a thousand euros. It is also true that this is a very widespread breed brindle boxer and not, so there is "competition" and, as we know, competition often lowers prices. But we pay attention to the quality!

If we decide to take a brindle boxer, better to look for a scrupulous breeder. In fact, it is possible to run into a not very attentive subject, who has not carried out i minimal, hygienic, sanitary checks, and not sollo. In order to sell, fast and at a good price, it could bypass the rules and give us a dog that is not well cared for, in poor health or with a compromised character. It would be a shame, and the brindle boxer he has such a sweet character, I think ruining him is difficult, but above all, inhumane.

Brindle boxer: appearance

The brindle boxer it is a large breed dog, from 25 to 32 kg, from 53 to 63 cm in height, with increasingly small females, as in all or almost all breeds. One of the features of the boxer is the shape of the muzzle: in addition to a powerful and healthy set of teeth, it also shows the prognathism (mandible slightly surpassing the maxilla). For many it is a defect, for the brindle boxer, at all, indeed, it is one of the standards that distinguish it.

The head of the brindle boxer it is wide and short, with a black nose, wide and turned upwards, and two brown eyes, not too deep set, with the waist inside. The ears and tail of the brindle boxer since 2007 they are no longer subject to cutting, thanks toTurkish ordinance. The former have an upright position, are triangular and facing forward, the tail is set high and becomes thin.

Of the color of the hair of the brindle boxer we have already spoken, but without specifying that it is smooth, short, tight and shiny. The musculature is athletic, lean and strongly developed: it is a dog that must be kept in line, the brindle boxer, so that he makes his figure and has no health problems, and so that he does not lose his free gait, full of strength and nobility.

Brindle boxer: character

Very affectionate, loyal, sociable and playful especially with children: that's who the brindle boxer. He is a safe dog and is sure he knows where to turn: he is very fond of his master and his family and is ready to sacrifice even his own life to defend them. The brindle boxer even if with that air of an eternal child, he has an indomitable courage, he is an excellent defender because he is firm of nerves, confident, calm and balanced.

It does not hide, it is not a fake, it remains loyal and almost naive, in a good way, until old age: brindle boxer he remains a child inside and a child with the children, balanced and affectionate like a real baby sitter. With its big eyes and a slightly wrinkled and nice face, the brindle boxer he observes the people he lives with and almost seems to understand their mood on the fly.

Brindle boxer: care and breeding

The character of the brindle boxer he is a great character but he must be trained immediately so that he remains so and can be enjoyed. In general he is an easy dog ​​to train, because he is docile, confident and courageous, but his exuberance it can disturb the educational process. For this and for his very strong character, one must "know how to take him" but above all know how to educate him from the first moments of his life. Only in this way can you get a for life brindle boxer balanced and polite. For the rest the brindle boxer, like the fawn, it is a clean dog with few needs. He has that almost compelling one to move around a lot and play, just give him rope. And lots of pampering.

At the same time, the brindle boxer is also an excellent defense dog should the property or safety of its owner be in danger. However, training the brindle boxer is complex and for this reason it is advisable to seek help from an expert.

Brindle boxer: origins

The brindle boxer, and in general the boxer, has the Bullenbeisser, which translated sounds like biting tori, in particular a less stocky and more agile dog: the Brabant bull dog. At the end of the nineteenth century, a Munich some dog lovers have crossed these dogs with the English Bulldogs getting the boxer, so called for his boxer agility.

Here is the boxer - the first recorded was called Flocki - and here is the brindle boxer. Also in Munich shortly after the first was founded “Boxer clubAnd the fashion that saw the brindle boxer and his fawn colleague spread very quickly in many countries began.

Brindle boxer: my 20 days with Tito

Let's call it voluntary "dog-sitting", or not knowing how to say no to the idea of ​​a puppy "in the way". Or wanting to please a friend, but I found myself with a brindle boxer 8 months to manage. And blessed was the good weather and the nearby green space, because his overwhelming desire to live and play with everything and everyone was managed 24 hours a day.

It is a very reactive, attentive, docile dog, the brindle boxeryes, but so enthusiastic about the world around him that he is perpetually distracted and ends up not listening. Tito, this brindle boxer with an irresistible face despite the drool, it was a continuous chasing pigeons, sniffing litter, asking for caress of the couple sitting in the privacy of a bar table. And turn the corner, and pass in front of the photocell of someone else's gate as it closes.

He is a puppy, Tito, but I have all the impression that this nature of his is linked to the breed and not to age. The brindle boxer he is happy to live, and he passed it on to me for 20 days, 24 hours a day. I will not forget it easily.

Brindle boxer: also suitable for children

The brindle boxer has a reputation for being the best four-legged babysitter in the world. He is very sweet with children and his playful attitude that accompanies him until old age makes him perfect for increasing harmony in the family.

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