Cat mycosis on humans: how to cure it

Cat mycosis on humans: how to cure it

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Cat mycosis, with effects on humans: this type of fungal infection is contagious to humans, it is commonly said ringworm and, while not dangerous or lethal, it is very annoying. So let's talk about it, get to know it, and learn to avoid it. There are natural remedies and preventive measures that can help us not to contract it cat mycosis, even having one at home and loving it affectionately and with transport, without sparing him pampering and caresses.

There cat mycosis affects areas of the body that are particularly rich in keratin. This applies to animals with dense fur, such as cats and dogs, and to us humans. To cause this infection is the fungus that justifies the fact that the cat mycosis it is also called ringworm: it is the “tinea” fungus and gives life to as different as annoying manifestations of cat mycosis.

There is that localized in the scalp (tinea capitis), or the cat mycosis inguinal (tinea cruris) that of "athlete's foot" (tinea pedis) and then that "fond of the beard" (tinea barbae). If the cat mycosis on man it infects the remaining surface of man we are faced with tinea corporis.

Cat mycosis: how to recognize it on animals

Talking about cat mycosis on humans, first it is necessary to know how to recognize it in the cat. Symptoms of this disease in cats are the presence of hairless, irregular patches, or episodes in which the hair that comes off in patches, scaly areas or rounded areas with dandruff.

There mycosis it can also affect the nails, also you can find yourself in front of dual infections. This means that on a normal dermatitis of bacterial or traumatic origin, the spores of the fungi arrive that take advantage of the momentary weakness to complicate things. Conversely, it happens that it starts from the fungus, and then the bacteria arrive because the cat scratches itself constantly.

Cat mycosis on humans: transmission

With an incubation period ranging from 1 to 3 weeks, the cat mycosis on humans it is transmitted through simple contact. And mushrooms are found everywhere, not just on the fur of our animals, so there is no point in making aphysics terrified and stop stroking them. Fungi that transmit the cat mycosis or "on the other", they can also be found in the earth, in gym showers, swimming pools, on the bar counter, on bus seats. Furthermore, it must be said that it is true that there is cat mycosis on humans but there is also the human mycosis on cat because we too can pass it on to them.

We are not faced with a rampant and inevitable contagion. It's not like every time a spore sticks to us we develop the disease, otherwise vets would be suffering from cat mycosis everyday. In theory, the feline and human immune systems can counteract the infection. In the cat, intervention is often done without waiting for this to happen to avoid secondary complications or because a spontaneous recovery would take too long.

Returning to the cat mycosis on humans, beyond our conduct, it is also a question of skin type: that of children seems to be the favorite, even women "like" the fungus of cat mycosis on humans, the less like "the male", usually more resistant.

Cat mycosis on humans: symptoms

When in the presence of cat mycosis on humans Round spots of various sizes can be seen on the skin, with a more intense red border, as if they were cigarette burns. At first they even seem pimples, but then the cat mycosis on humans becomes more noticeable and larger, circular, scattered redness appears, accompanied by itching.

It is always better to contact your doctor in the presence of these signs, both for diagnosis and to undertake the most suitable treatment. Usually it is one spray you hate antifungal ointment based on econazole to be applied on the lesions, to be covered with plasters to avoid contagion to third parties. Or there may be prescribed washes with a specific product against cat mycosis, the spots disappear after about a month.

Cat mycosis on humans: natural remedies

In addition, not as an alternative, in addition to the remedies recommended by the doctor, there are natural antifungals that can be taken into account in case of cat mycosis on humans. Tea tree oil, by means of a tampon or pack, diluted in warm water, is recommended for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. And it is also useful against candida and mycosis of the nails.

L'aloe vera it is another precious substance for the skin in general and, for the cat mycosis on humans, has an antifungal and soothing action: calms itching. Other natural remedies that can be used in case of cat mycosis on humans for example, garlic, honey, especially Manuka or Honeydew, essential oil of pink geranium or calendula, for external use.

Cat mycosis on humans: prevention

The most natural remedy there is against cat mycosis on humans it is prevention. It starts from the table, with 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetables and a regular consumption of yogurt. And then, it is trivial to say, but hygiene is needed always and everywhere. against the cat mycosis on humans.Nothing obsessive, but constant and attentive. A little forethought even in the choice of clothing can help prevent and limit discomfort. Better to choose, and not just in case of cat mycosis, natural fibers such as cotton, not synthetic and which do not prevent perspiration.

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